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From the 19 December, 1963 edition of Motor Cycle magazine: Sitting on the fence is out these days; if you're under 25 you must be either a mod (add "ernist" when consulting a dictionary) or a rocker.

Perhaps you haven't decided where your allegiance lies. Or, maybe, you don't belog to either camp. In that case you are a fogey, old or otherwise.

Here, then, is everyman's guide to mods, rockers and mids (they are neither one thing nor the other -- a bit of a mixture). All you have to do is to decide which of the answers, (a, b or c) is most applicable to you. The handy reference chart at the foot of the page will tell you in a flash whether you are a with it, near it or past it.

Questions below.

1. Do you (a) ride a scooter? (b) ride a motor bike? (c) drive a car?

2. When riding do you wear (a) a parka with a fur-trimmed hood? (b) a leather jacket? (c) stormcoat and waders?

3. Is your machine adorned with (a) fox tails? (b) dolphin fairing and dropped bars? (c) legshields?

4. Is your headgear (a) an Andy cap? (b) a space helmet? (c) nothing?

5. Are your trousers (a) pink half-mast, 15in wide? (b)jeans, blue, 12in wide? (c) bags, Oxford, 22in wide?

6. Do you like the Beatles? (a and b) Yes; (c) Who?

7. Do you comb your hair (a) sometimes? (b) often? (c) none to comb?

8. Is your footwear (a) soft creepers, Cuban boots or baseball boots? (b) zip-back riding boots or winkle-pickers? (c) sensible?

9. Is your favourite shirt (a) polka-dot with high tab collar? (b) black? (c) white?
10. Do you drink (a) Coke? (b) coffee? (c) beer?

Score: a=3; b=2; c=1

With it:   
Mod...30 points
Mid...25 points
Rocker...20 points

Without it:    
Fogey...< 20 points

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