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Ariel, makers of the Atom, are considering producing motorcycles. MCN reports that they’re evaluating three different bike styles for production.

The first is the most traditional and is similar to the Atom in that it uses a modified Honda engine in a high-performance tubular chassis. It would most likely take the form of a naked sportsbike, featuring an adjustable riding position, telelever front end and tuned Fireblade engine. A sketch of  this bike follows the jump.

Of course, Ariel also makes an electric version of the Atom, so they also are considering an electric version of the above.

The third, and most radical, is the supercharged, single-cylinder sportsbike seen above with hub-center steering. The engine would most likely be a 650cc Honda unit, but with significantly more power than standard. Expect a power-to-weight ratio close to that of 1000cc sportsbikes.


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