Ask RideApart: Best Earbuds For Motorcycle Riding?


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We’re turning our reader’s questions over to RideApart readers. This week: what're the best earbuds for listening to music while riding?

Reader David writes: "What do you guys recommend for earbuds/earphones while riding? I tried using the standard Apple earbuds and both the music and the ride sounded terrible."

"I'm looking for some good audio sound but still able to hear road noise/traffic on the commute and joy rides (so probably not an ear canal noise canceling option, unless experience says otherwise). I know it will end up being a compromise between the two, but curious what others are using. I enjoy the level of noise I get through my earplugs, but I get bored just sitting inside my own head talking to myself. At least I answer back though."

We get a lot of questions here at RideApart. By Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email. And, while we do a pretty good job of responding to all of them, we figure there’s a greater good that can be achieved by creating a public discussion. So, once a week or so, we’ll collate and publish them and turn it over to our fantastic community for responses. The editors will respond too, right here, where you can all see it. Have a question for us? Email Send Mail with “Ask RideApart” in the subject. Try to keep questions relevant and interesting and on topic.

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