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Dear RideApart,I was looking to buy a BMW R Nine-T for a second bike. I have spent the last couple of years customizing my Triumph Thruxton and hate the idea of it getting filthy. I understand that this may immediately categorize me as a certain type of rider. Nevertheless, my goal was to buy a bike that I had less attachment to. Then I got to thinking about the bike, realistically, could I justify the 15k for what I tried to tell my lady would be a "shit kicker." I think not. Therefore, I went to your site and I stumbled upon the Yamaha FZ-09.  Ironically, my father sent me an article from Consumer Reports that was a "reliability study" of motorcycles the very same day.  The lowest score of the Bikes in their study was the BMW (worse then Harley). The Yamaha Motorcycles was number 1 and listed as most reliable.  So, I clicked on your review.  The good rating from you and the excellent price sold me. Now- I have a red Yamaha FZ-09 setting next to my Thruxton!The engine is sweet and I haven't ridden it enough to be bothered by the soft suspension. I plan on adjusting the suspension as soon as possible. However, I'm concerned about one thing.  On my Thruxton I can travel at a great highway speed, and all though the Thruxton is a naked bike, it does not shove my helmet into my face or try to take it off.  The Yamaha at 80mph literally tries to rip my helmet off. I thought it may be my cheap helmet.  I then let a friend with his expensive helmet take it out and he had the same experience. What can I do? Does the front cowl that Yamaha sells eliminate this wind aggression to my helmet?I have googled this problem. It doesn't seem to be out there. Please guide me with your expertise. The forums are difficult to sift through.Sincerely, Jesse
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