Ask RideApart: Yamaha FZ-09 Wind Troubles


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For example, Arai helmets are generally better for people with rounder heads while Shoei’s seem to fit those with longer, narrow head shapes. Additionally, it is advised to try helmets on with the cheek pads removed in order to get the proper dome fitment. All too often riders believe the cheek pads are too tight against their faces when trying helmets on and go with a size too large. This padding is not meant to be extremely comfortable but to be as tight as you can tolerate since this is what is securing the protective apparatus to your head as you approach triple digit speeds and beyond.

Yamaha FZ-09 Wind Troubles

In general, I have seen that both the Shoei RF-1100 and 1200 models along with the KBC VR-4R helmet work very well for the majority of people. Both of these helmets (along with being moderately priced) have excellent cheek padding that mold to the contours of the rider’s face and under the jawline securing it in place. The key here is to select the proper size, typically a size smaller than most would guess.

I hope these tips help in your quest to adapt to and maximize the enjoyment out of your new ride. Please feel free to let us know if these or any other avenues enable you to develop a solution. Ride safe and try to keep that FZ-09 front wheel on the ground!


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