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Just getting into motorcycles? One of the biggest hurdles is riding gear. Motorcycle gear is expensive. It’s also an intricate world to navigate as you learn about brands and sizes and CE approval and all sorts of complicated new concepts like helmet standards. We’re here to help. Here are three different head-to-toe outfits for any budget.

All The Gear, All The Time

Consider it a war cry. We don’t have seatbelts or airbags or crumple zones, but we do have helmets and body armor and more leather than you’ll ever see outside of The Eagle. Gear is as fundamental to motorcycle riding as handlebars or tires, so you need to figure its cost into your total budget. Yeah, it’s pricey, but it needs to be. Gear will save your life and expand the use of your motorcycle across any weather condition and any distance.

Refer to our Beginner’s Guide To Motorcycle Gear for more on types of gear, how to find a helmet that fits you and notes on why each item of gear is necessary. Consider this article more of a shopping guide, one for any rider looking to put their ATGATT situation in order.

Budget — $1,100 Gear Package

Icon Alliance Dark Icon Alliance Dark

Helmet: Icon Alliance Dark — $150

Don’t let the price fool you. The Alliance is an excellent, ECE 22.05-rated helmet that will keep your head safe and comfortable. Its visor will not fog and the large external top vents will keep you cool in hot weather. This makes helmets that cost three times as much look silly.

Alpinestars SP-8 Alpinestars SP-8

Gloves: Alpinestars SP-8 $90

A basic set of leather gauntlets from the biggest gear manufacturer, these will last more than one season (clean and oil them to get more life) and keep your hands safe while closing the gap between glove and jacket.

Spidi Warrior Light Spidi Warrior Light

Back Protector: Spidi Warrior Light — $90

By strapping on a separate back protector under your jacket or suit, you expand the area of coverage and give yourself easy, versatile protection. This Spidi item is affordable, while also meeting CE Level 1 safety standards and covering your entire back from neck to coccyx.

Spartan Charge Two-Piece Spartan Charge Two-Piece

Suit: Spartan Charge Two-Piece — $600

By using low-cost leather manufacturing in Pakistan, Spartan is able to bring a quality leather two-piece to market at a surprisingly cheap price point. Basic two-pieces like this one are one of the most versatile items of riding gear around, enabling you to wear just the jacket for short trips, or zip on the pants when you need to be in a full suit. The thick, sturdy leather will work equally well in hot or cold weather depending on what you wear underneath and can even provide decent weather protection. Don’t mistake this suit for something it’s not — it’s not going to match more expensive leathers on comfort, flexibility, fit, looks, quality or safety. But, it is going to provide you with solid head-to-toe protection no matter what style of bike you ride. Safety will also be excellent, with CE-rated armor extending down your forearms and shins and not just covering the joints themselves, as on more casual apparel.

Icon Reign Icon Reign

Boots: Icon Reign — $170

No, your hiking/work boots will not protect you on a bike, sorry. These Icons have solid heal and toe boxes that lock in your foot, strong soles that provide protection against your foot being crushed or twisted, ankle and shin impact protectors and, to top it off, they’re waterproof. You also need real motorcycle boots because they’ll interface with your motorcycle pants correctly.

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