ATGATT On A Budget

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Mid-Range — $2,060 Gear Package


Helmet: Various — $400

With a $400 budget for a helmet, you suddenly have a ton of great options. Pick one that suits your riding style and find one that fits you perfectly. If you’re all ADV or Supermoto, check out the AGV AX-8 and Icon Variant. Neither of those will fog ever, both provide excellent vision and ventilate exceptionally well. If you’re riding a sportbike, check out the Icon Airmada which vents better than anything else on the market right now and that budget will even just about get you into a plain color Shoei RF-1200. Touring riders might appreciate the HJC RPHA Max, which is a very-comfortable flip-front design. Whatever you go for, make it a full-face and think about the standard the helmet is made to. ECE 22.05 lids will be lighter and softer, better at preventing concussions, while Snell M2010 helmets are heavier and harder, supposedly to better deal with repeated impacts at equally high velocities. All racers at the World Championship level use ECE 22.05.

Racer Sicuro Racer Sicuro

Gloves: Racer Sicuro — $240

What part of your hand touches down first? It’s not your knuckles, despite the large protection parts that adorn that area of most motorcycle gloves. It’s actually your palms, which frequently go without protection. These Racer Sicuros are expensive, but are made to a quality which surpasses the price and are equipped with palm sliders that both provide impact protection for that area and turn direct impacts into shearing forces that are less likely to break your wrist.

Spidi Back Warrior Spidi Back Warrior

Back Protector: Spidi Back Warrior — $150

Upgrading to CE2 level protection doubles your safety. This Back Warrior also expands coverage across the entirety of your back and the particularly sensitive coccyx.

Dainese Super Speed Leather Jacket & Alien Leather Pants Dainese Super Speed Leather Jacket & Alien Leather Pants

Suit: Various — $1,000

Look at the type of riding you do and pick a two-piece suit that will work for you. This budget will put you into a nice one. Again, two-pieces provide a ton of versatility and (so long as they zip together around the entire circumference), will work whether you’re commuting, touring, adventure riding or doing track days.

If you’re mostly touring or ADV riding, we’d take a look at the Aerostich Darien Light jacket and pants. Those will keep you comfy no matter the weather and protect you in a fall.

If you’re riding a sportier bike, we’d suggest looking at Alpinestars and Dainese. Spend above their bottom tier to get the real, quality stuff they’re famous for. The Alpinestars Track Pants are of their highest quality and combine well with a variety of Alpinestars jackets. Again, spend $500 or more on that jacket to get the good stuff. In Dainese, we’d start with the Alien Leather Pants and pair them with something like the Super Speed Leather Jacket.

Alpinestars SMX 6 Alpinestars SMX 6

Boots: Various — $270

Again, buy based on what kind of riding you’re doing. If you are on a sportbike, naked or similar, we’d go for the excellent Alpinestars SMX 6 boots, which provide track-level protection at an accessible price point. If you’re touring or venturing onto dirt roads, we’d suggest the Alpinestars Scout WP boots, which provide much more support.

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