ATGATT On A Budget

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High-End — Just Under $3,000 Gear Package

Schuberth SR1 Schuberth SR1

Helmet:Various — $900

Vying for whizz-bang helmet honors right now are the Schuberth SR1 and AGV Corsa. Both are ECE-certified, incredibly light, offer excellent ventilation and peerless vision. Try them on and see which fits best. If you want something a little more touring or commuting oriented, check out the Schuberth S2 full-face and C3 Pro flip-front.

Racer R-Safes Racer R-Safes

Gloves: Racer R-Safes — $260

If you’re riding a sportbike, go straight for the Racer R-Safes, which provide superior protection to anything else out right now. Whatever you ride, you’ll likely end up with a variety of gloves designed to suit various conditions. Again, think about palm protection and try to stick with full gauntlets that provide impact protection for your wrists, too.

Dainese Manis Dainese Manis

Back Protector: Dainese Manis — $210

Like the crumple zone on a car, this back protector is designed to be crushed in an impact, absorbing forces that could injure you. It’s also unprecedentedly flexible and comfy, so it’ll work no matter what you’re riding and whatever you wear it with. Also consider adding chest protection, which covers important body parts like your heart and lungs.

Aerostich Roadcrafter Aerostich Roadcrafter

Suit: Aerostich Roadcrafter — $967+

Have yours custom made so it fits you perfectly and add the chest and hip protectors to maximize comfort. Also tick the box for the “competition back pad” which provides a huge area of coverage. This suit will last a lifetime and provides massive protection that zips on and off in 10 seconds.

If you’re sticking to sportbikes, check out our Best Value Leather Race Suits Guide and pick the one that strikes your fancy.

Dainese Carroarmatos Dainese Carroarmatos

Boots: Various — $500

If you’re into ADV riding, check out the Dainese Carroarmatos. If you’re riding a sportbike, we like the Dainese Axial Pro Ins, you can’t beat their protection and they fit under jeans. If you’re commuting and touring, we like the Aerostich Combat Touring Boots, which like that suit, are going to last a lifetime and just get the safety and comfort job done in an understated, low key way.

What gear at a budget price do you recommend for safety and value?

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