Austin scores MotoGP in 10 year deal


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Dorna has just announced that Austin, Texas will be hosting all three MotoGP classes starting in 2013. The race will be held at the USGPF1 circuit now being called the "Circuit of the Americas" which is currently under construction just a few miles from the city's international airport. The deal was signed between Dorna Sports, 3FourTexas MGP and Full Throttle Productions. So far, not much is being stated beyond the closing of the deal, but we're guessing the Indy MotoGP is about to get a pink slip in its inbox from Dorna.

Update: a video tour of The Circuit of the Americas added below.

Riders have never been thrilled with the Indy track—slick corners and choppy transitions make for a scary racing environment. The death of 13 year old racer Peter Lenz at last years Indy race left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths, and made the danger of Indy's road course that much more real. The Circuit of the Americas, which is scheduled for completion sometime in 2012, will be miles ahead of the aging Indy track. Being that it's designed with F1 in mind, the new track will have the kind of run-off and safety features that are commonplace in Europe's GP tracks. Also helping out with safety is the 5400 square-foot trauma center. Ben Spies and Colin Edwards will be thrilled to have a home track too.

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