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As the economy crumbles and the impact of climate change begins to be felt, the extravagant means Americans employ to transport themselves are going to make less and less sense. Recognizing this, Auto Moto is hoping its leaning three-wheeler can find a small, but growing market in this country. Reminiscent of the Honda Gyro, the Auto Moto mounts a leaning body and front wheel onto a two-wheeled rear pod that contains the engine and gearbox.

Power is supplied by a Honda-designed, Chinese-produced 150cc GY6
engine making something in the region of 10bhp. That's not much, giving
a top speed of only 60mph, but delivers a combined 80mpg, considerably
higher than any car on the market.

It's those cars, not more frugal motorcycles like the 93mpg Honda CRF230M, which the Auto Moto hopes to replace. Most states allow it to
be operated on a car license, while drivers should be tempted by the
roof, continuously variable transmission and low price tag: just

The Auto Moto employs a bike-style front brake on the handlebars; a
car-style foot brake for the rear and ABS. Included is a large rear
trunk and a 4-speaker MP3 player-compatible stereo.

The Honda Gyro found favor amongst couriers and food delivery
companies, giving their employees and easily accessible, cheap-to-run,
traffic-busting tool capable of carrying plenty of pizza. We suspect
that the Auto Moto will find a similar audience here.

It's probably going to be a while before American cities resemble the
congestion and abject poverty of their equivalents in places like
Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, but when they do, it's good to
know that we'll at least have vehicles like the Auto Moto to carry us
through them. Honk.

Auto Moto

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