How To Avoid Black Friday Madness - Motorcycle Edition


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While the rest of society holds its breath for the closest thing in real life to a zombie epidemic (a.k.a. Black Friday), let us take a moment to consider a few motorcycling alternatives to letting your greed get ahead of your needs on November 29th. Here's how to avoid Black Friday madness through motorcycling.

1. Watch a movie that inspires you to ride.

2. Clean your bike. You've left it grimy all summer and fall now it's time to bust out the suds.

My favorite detailing product is Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax.

3. Do some basic maintenance. Check your chain, engine oil level, brake fluid reservoirs, and tire wear. Make sure all critical points on the bike are properly torqued down; that means the footpegs and support brackets, handlebar controls and handlebars, axle nuts, brake caliper bolts, triple-tree clamps, etc.

4. Build your own carburetor manometer and balance your carbs.

5. Organize your toolbox.

Have the rights tools for the job and know where they are.
Have the rights tools for the job and know where they are.

6. Clean and protect your leathers. I like Obenauf's as a do-all product.

7. Clean your helmet liner and cheekpads.

8. Take stock of your gear and organize everything. List the stuff you don't need anymore on Craigslist to get money for the stuff you actually do need. Maybe it's time to sell it and get that Roadcrafter you've been wanting?

9. Plan your next adventure.

10. The most important thing you can do: Go for a ride. As the shopping horde storms the city, head for the hills and be glad your on the road instead of in the mall.


If you do decide to go shopping, you might want to consider donning your motorcycle gear on Black Friday because...

A. You could get trampled in a stampede:

B. You could get pepper-sprayed:

C. You could get shot (in which case, your gear probably won't help):

Be careful out there, or you might end up like this guy:

A Black Friday shopper gets eaten alive.
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