Azhar Hussain, MBE


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Azhar Hussain, creator of the TTXGP, has received one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious awards. On Saturday, the Queen included him on her Honor’s List, making Azhar a Member of the Order of the British Empire “for services to motorsport.”

Originally held as a single race at the Isle of Man in 2009, TTXGP has since expanded to include races in seven countries with teams from 30. It might still be small, but this award acknowledges the series’ role in driving electric motorsports technology forward. When we’re all riding electric bikes in 50 years’ time, TTXGP will likely be credited as their genesis in history books.

Azhar stated, “I am honoured at the recognition but in truth the award belongs to the teams, suppliers, tracks, governments, and many others who stand with TTXGP and believe we can all make a difference. Competition not only provides great challenge and entertainment but also improves the breed; we hope that will come to be seen as a milestone in bringing new transportation technology to the world beyond motorsports.”

Congratulations man.

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