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Bajaj Auto has increased its stake in KTM to 25.86 percent. This completes plans announced by the company in January to do exactly that. Rumors are now rife that Bajaj could seek a majority stake in the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, a move that Baja has stated it would consider.

Rather than being seen as a negative turn of events, Bajaj's investment
means several positive thinks for KTM. First and foremost is that KTM's
ability to weather Great Depression 2.0 has now been significantly
increased. Not only does the Bajaj investment bring money, but it opens
up new markets for KTM products in Southeast Asia. The two companies
are said to be developing a range of 125cc and 250cc motorcycles, some
of which could be sold in the West as KTMs. Bajaj is also a key partner
in the development of the KTM SUV and city cars, products that will
further diversify KTM's offerings.

via Bikes in the Fast Lane

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