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At first glance, the Bakker Grizzly Allround might look like a BMW R1200GS, but look closer and you'll see that it’d leave the BMW in its dust. That's because unlike most bikes in the adventure-touring market, rather than featuring an anemic air-cool twin, it has a GSX-R 1000 engine.


The idea for a bike like this – one that combines the speed of a liter
bike with the comfort and long distance ability of a big trail bike –
has been thrown around by various people for a while now, but, to our
knowledge, Bakker are actually the first people to make it a reality.

Weighing just 190kg wet, with cases, the Grizzly should be one hell of
a motorcycle. The high center of gravity and long travel suspension
should mean it’ll handle like a supermoto while blitzing long stretches
of motorway at immense speed in complete comfort. But, since it’s
lighter than even KTM’s 990 Adventure, it shouldn’t be half bad on the
dirt either.

Giant trail bike sales have soared in recent years, partly due to an
influx of new models and publicity from the likes of Ewan McGregor.
Bakker, who a limited number of bikes by hand to order, aren’t
positioned to capitalize on this market, but we can see no reason why
one of the big Japanese companies couldn’t follow their lead. A mass
production, 1000cc inline-four trail bike could finally provide them
with what it would take to beat BMW and KTM at their own game.

Bakker Framebouw

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