Vespa_BeFree_1.jpgPortraying the claustrophobic isolation of driving a car, these Vespa ads are one of the best graphical representations of the difference between us and them we've ever seen. By relegating the view of the outside world to the size of a mail slot within a much larger frame and teasing an exotic landscape, the ads attach a sense of lost adventure to the four-wheeled experience. Rather than create an overtly negative feeling about driving cars, the ads, seem to evoke positive feelings about riding a bike. Instead of picturing myself stuck in a car, when I look at these, I remember riding a bike and the connection to your environment that brings.
Vespa_BeFree_2.jpgWe've tried contacting the agency, Manilla's DM9JaymeSyfu, to find out
more about them or get more examples but our emails haven't been
returned. We suspect these were created for an unsuccessful pitch rather
than an actual campaign as Piaggio HQ in Italy doesn't know anything
about them.

Vespa_BeFree_3.jpgvia Ads of the World

Thanks for the tip, Sasha.

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