Become a Better Motorcyclist With a Piece of Rope


Category: How To

Want to know which knots to learn next? Alan Grogono of Animated Knots also suggests the following knots for motorcyclists:

A) Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
This knot is for attaching a rope to a bollard, post, tree or ring.

B) Square Knot
This knot is for tying a package or other non-critical loads to your bike.

C) Sheet Bend Knot
This knot is for joining two unequal size ropes.

D) Constrictor Knot
This knot is for securing a sack or fraying rope's end.

E) How To Coil Rope
Lastly, this knot is for coiling up rope like a pro.

To learn about these and other knots, head on over to the Animated Knots website. There's more information there than I could ever hope to provide, and I hope you'll be searching for ropes—rather than tie-downs or elastic nets—next time you need to secure a bike or a bag.

What knots do you recommend for motorcyclists?

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