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Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes of the “James Stewart Comes Clean” shoot, the latest in a serious of hilarious spoofs from Yamaha USA. Can you guess which scene made Bubba the most uncomfortable? It wasn’t getting foot fungus shoved in his face or even flying in a small plane with Bob “Hurricane” Hannah.

Of course Bob Starr had a huge role in coming up with the concept and our video production friends at Kavich/Reynolds put the whole thing together.  Writer/Director Rob Meltzer is the one with the camera filming James and Hannah in the plane.  Rob has had a hand in all the Yamaha MotoGP comedy skits over the last year or so.

The crew from Red Bull was super stoked to have James suit up and drive one of their rigs.  It was also very cool of them to let us use the truck for the delivery scene.  What people don’t see are the many people from Red Bull and Yamaha on the other side of the camera laughing as James’ jokes around.

In the shoe store scene Mr. Fungus is actually a grip from the video crew who had his feet made up to look like he had gnarly foot fungus.  James did some of his finest acting in this situation!

The Yamaha corporate headquarters was made available and open to the crew on a Saturday but unbeknownst to them many door alarms were armed and were subsequently set off.  In the bedroom scene James is actually in the Yamaha “sick” room where employees can go if they are feeling ill or need a break.  The crew pushed two cots together for James to snuggle in.  His real bedroom looks much nicer.  The dream sequence with the bike was shot in the hallway outside the racing shop.

Strangely enough James was most uncomfortable about the rapping/auto tune scene but pulled through in the end.  You would think with all his lip synching videos he has done on his site he would be a natural. He was a good sport throughout the shoot and did just about anything that was asked.

Large versions of these photos are available in the gallery below.

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