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Icon's stated goal is to create safety gear for an underserved audience: young men on sportsbikes. You know the type: hasn't yet crashed his shiny new R6, jean shorts, wife beater, white sneakers, squirts ink when threatened. By creating gear that appeals to that crowd and creative that speaks to them in a language they understand, Icon is fulfilling a valuable role in the motorcycle industry. Where manufacturers, the MIC and traditional gear makers are far too conservative to reach out to these guys in an effective manner, Icon is busy turning them into lifelong bikers by saving their lives. In the process, they're creating the best advertising in the industry. This video takes you behind the scenes on a dry lakebed in Nevada.

Any misogyny you see is there intentionally. Young women find
themselves most often as passengers, with young men making safety
decisions for them. That's not to say that girls don't ride, but
there's a huge number of women passengers wearing whatever gear they're
given. Icon is marketing women's safety gear for an at-risk audience to
the people that buy it: men.


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