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Normally, helmet graphics are limited to loud racer replicas (at best) or generic, yet still offensive tribal graphics (at worst). Recently, reborn American helmet maker Bell has been trying to reverse that trend, working with noted designers to bring actually credible paint jobs to market. These new colors for the flagship Star and second-tier RS1 continue that. Especially this Roland Sands-created Flash design for the RS1.

We’ve covered the Bell Star previously. This year it gets a new matte black, translucent finish on the carbon version and a Jackson Pollock/Takashi Murakami-esque paint job called the Hess. The $650 carbon version of the star weighs in at a not-too-terribly-heavy 1500 grams. It’s not as light as helmets like the Nexx XR1R Carbon and AGV AX-8 Dual because it’s Snell M2010 instead of ECE 2205.

The $350 for solids, $400 for graphics, 1575 gram Bell RS1 actually looks like really impressive value. It uses a Kevlar/fiberglass composite shell and is available in that RSD Flash graphic seen up top, this sorta cheesy Steam Punk (above) or the Panic Zone seen below. The bandana-like graphics are so flat bill it hurts, but are executed extremely well. We bet this one will sell.

Bell’s also adding a hi-viz yellow to the Revolver modular range, pushing it into the bearded Roadcrafter wearer market too.


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