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Belstaff has rounded off their Fall/Winter 2009 fashion lineup with a release of limited editions of all three jackets worn by Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The cheapest of the three starting at $1205, the coats are only for those not affected by Great Depression Part II. That said, we're happy to know part of the proceeds from each jacket sold will go to Pitt's Make It Right Foundation, aimed at rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

All three jackets, the Panther, Blouson and Shearling, were pulled directly from Belstaff's archives for the film and have been constructed with the original patterns at hand. The only bone we have to pick is the lack of safety armor. While perfectly rugged and safe jackets for their time, we'd be happy with a little modernity.

Okay, two bones. We'd also love a ballpark figure of just what Belstaff means when they say "proportion of sales." We know Belstaff is perfectly legitimate, but we're a little jaded thanks to good folks like Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford.

Belstaff via Cyril Huze

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