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Essentially a direct copy of its twin-engine airplane brakes scaled down to fit a supermoto hub, Beringer's new Inboard Braking system promises a number of significant technical advantages. It's the least obvious of those that holds the most appeal: these brakes are virtually impervious to crashes.


Think about it: how often are your hubs damaged in a crash? They're
protected by the fork bottoms, the forks themselves and, since they're
narrower, the rims and tires too.

In addition to saving you money in the event of an accident, Beringer
claims the system delivers three times less gyroscopic inertia, a 20%
power increase (presumably over a single disc setup) and a 500g total
weight reduction. They also look really cool.


Despite the lack of discs exposed to airflow, Beringer says cooling
shouldn't be an issue. Air is drawn into the hollow hub centers then
directed around the discs.

The Inboard Braking system has been designed to fit supermotos or
custom bikes. The light weight of the former and walking-pace speed of
the latter means braking requirements are fairly minimal. It doesn't
appear that the system could substitute for the twin-disc setups of
larger or faster motorcycles. It also appears that Beringer may intend
the system to be used on motocross and enduro bikes. We'd be hesitant
to employ it for those applications, fearing that mud and other debris
could build up inside the hubs and reduce braking effectiveness.


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