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The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle will go on sale in May at five Best Buy stores on the West Coast. The Geek Squad will perform basic repairs in-store, while accessories and upgrades could also be available there. This is something of a coup for Brammo. A single Best Buy location, like the one in West Hollywood, can see 7 million customer visits per year, the same as every single motorcycle distributor in the entire country combined. Brammo would eventually like to sell the Enertia and its upcoming two-seat model at every single one of Best Buy's 1,200 US locations and even the 1,500 stores located throughout Europe and China.

While we're incredibly impressed with Brammo's distribution model,
we're a bit concerned about the performance of its product. Making
28lb/ft of torque and capable of just 53mph with a range of 45 miles,
the $12,000 Enertia doesn't sound like it'll be terribly competitive
with the imminent 2009 Zero S electric supermoto. That bike makes
50lb/ft of torque and weighs 129lbs less than the Enertia. The Quantya Strada is closer in spec, but is an extremely capable dirt bike; the
Enertia is intended as an on-road commuter only. Both bikes are at
least $1,000 cheaper than the Enertia.

Still, with unrivalled visibility to a new customer base, the Brammo Enertia
could be an excellent motorcycle for short, day-to-day commutes and
around town riding. As a zero-emissions motorcycle, it'll not only be
cheap to run, but also capable of busting traffic. We wonder if Brammo
intends to offer interested customers riding lessons and motorcycle
licenses, as the retail location would suggest most customers won't be
existing motorcyclists.

Brammo plans a two-seater model for release next year. That model will
be capable of 75mph and a 100-mile range. There's also talk of add-ons
like on-board cameras being thrown open to third party developers and
made available through Best Buy.

Greentech Media via AutoblogGreen

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