9 Best Ways To Make Your Motorcycle Faster


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6 – Aftermarket Disc Brakes
Adding new brake pads and steel-braided brake lines are a great start but, if you’re going to push it hard, you’re going to need to also be able to stop really hard and that requires new, upgraded disc brakes. The bigger and lighter the better. Galfer make great rotor replacements.

7 – A Built Motor
Still need more power? Find a specialist and have him re-build the engine. Taking a BMW S1000RR out to 1100cc’s produces a 235 bhp beast. We don’t recommend this for anyone except the best of the best, but it’s an option should you need it.

8 – Buy A Dedicated Track Bike
Want to be really fast on that new shiny Ducati in your garage? Go buy a used SV650 or old CBR600RR and turn it into your track bike. Most of us have a severe aversion to crashing our two-wheeled soul mates, which keeps us from being able to really push our abilities on the track. Chances are, that soul mate probably has far more power than we’re proficient with as well. Buying a cheap and low-powered track bike helps us focus on our technique and gives us the mental permission to crash it. Read about how to buy a used bike here.

9 – Attend Track School
Motorcycles are really fast. Motorcycle riders are not. If you want to be fast, focus on your abilities instead of worrying about dropping another ounce of weight or adding power. Sign up for a track school and learn body position, throttle control, corner entry and everything else you’ll need to know from guys who have made a career out of taking n00bs and transforming them into Rossi replicas. If you live in Southern California, we recommend Jason Pridmore's STAR School, California Superbike School, and SoCal Supermoto.

What improvements made the biggest difference in making you and your bike faster? What are some advanced riding courses in other parts of the country you can recommend?

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