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When I am riding, I want to feel the bike's attitude. It's will must act and react with my character. Here in Biella, Italy, I have found a kindred spirit. This week's BotW is a Triumph still finding out.

Dagger Cycles Triumph

Two purging pistons perpetrating knobby goodness about pietra lastricata e curve pericolose. This "nouva creatura" cast in a furnace, drilled and filled, ma non violato.

Dagger Cycles Triumph

Dagger compares this Black Bonnie to punk easy-listening. A mayhem machine brandishing early apocalypse, post atomic punk regimen.

Dagger Cycles Triumph

Stabbed mods profuse. Preserving formality, a common catalogue of components include skid plate, reservoir and Gazis. Not so common was roasting the pipe on a spit.

Dagger Cycles Triumph

Subframe abbreviated, surfaced and fit to hold the yard sign. Chunky, spoked Conti run interference when not in the finer side of the ville.

Making it up as I go based purely on what I feel with a friendly finger flying, this Fry-umph feels fine. See Dagger's sister bike Thruxton mod at Plus see some other cool shit at

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