Bike of the Week: Down & Out’s R100 RT


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This week we're itching for BMW bikes, maybe because we picked up the BMW S1000R loaner. Whatever the reason, we dig this beemer.

The guys at Down Out Customs took the basic principles of hot rodding and bike building with this BMW: take the biggest bike you can find and put its engine in the smallest you can build. The R100 RT donor bike they used has a little more oomph than the usual R80 cafe bikes most guys build, including themselves—check out the R80 Scrambler. Building a little scrambler style bike out of a big Boxer Twin, is like making a 3-series BMW into a 4X4. It's so wrong, but would feel so right.


Down Out Customs is made up primarily of two guys, Shaun and Carl. The guys build different cafes, including a current Triumph project, but have become known for their Boxer Twin motors, as more customers have requested these BMWs.


It's hard to list all the parts on the bike because almost everything was hand built. If you're a technical guy, than the first thing you probably notice the cross over hand-built exhaust, that finishes to a high-mounted, dirt-bike style canister.


The dash shows the level of fit and finish on this bike with the small tach and speedo with custom mounts and the neutral-indicator and oil-pressure light mounted on the top triple tree. Simple, clean and useful.


Pro Customs shot the tank in the gloss, two-tone black and white paint. Read the original feature on The Bike Shed and if you like the bike so much that you just have to have it, then you're in luck: it's for sale. 

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