Real Biker: Amber Arbucci


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RA: How’d you get to the point where you could become an investor?

Amber: How did I get the money? Modeling. And, the last few years, I’ve been selling my photos, which has really taken off. I never thought I’d get to the point where my art would sell, but I risk my life to do it and now it’s paying off.

Amber at home, sitting below one of her photos.

RA: What’s the fascination with animals?

Amber: I remember my first dream, I was swimming with whale sharks. To this day, I dream about animals five out of seven nights. I don’t have sex dreams. I grew up in the country and we had pigs and dogs and alligators in the backyard.

I’ve always been fascinated with African animals and I got to the point with modeling where I could go shoot them. Then, I’d miss modeling shoots because I was in Africa taking photos. I can die happy right now because I’m doing what I’ve always wanted.

RA: When did you start modeling?

Amber: I started quite late. I graduated high school at 16, studied medicine in college and assisted at three different hospitals with surgery. At 21 I left home and started modeling, but I’ve kept photography and art at the forefront and now I’m living my passion and trying new things I haven’t done. My next thing is to dive with hippos. No one’s ever done that before, but I’m going to go and shoot photos.

RA: Holy crap. The water must be very murky….

Amber: The water is brown, but you can still see the hippos. I know what I’m doing.

I’d rather die riding a motorcycle or shooting animals than doing something boring.

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