bikerpoetry.jpgChrome exhausts, sticking it to the Man and giving it to your woman just became indelibly associated with the Month of August. It’s National Biker Poetry Month. We're not really sure who's in control of the scheduled events, as the Biker Poets and Writers Association site is just a splash page with a PayPal link, but there is a list of dates, locations and featured poets throughout the Northeast on the site Road Poets. Expect lots of awkward men in chaps and/or leather vests milling about like it's their first time in group therapy.>

For those of you who have work to do, we've transcribed — to the best of our ability — the last few lines from Jose Gouveia's "Evel Knievel.”

And we'll all look on in awefrom our meditative statesanticipating one last leapover God's Gate.And if your soul crashesinto his throw at a shootingstar of painless bliss, a meteorshower of cosmic chrome andlightening will forever highlightthat long last leap and yourlegend leaving skid marks on the streets of gold and even GodHimself shall share your name, "Evel."

While the execution is somewhat lacking, we're glad to see others attempting to express the emotions riding creates in them. Even if the best they can do is write about “cosmic chrome.”

via Freak Machine Press

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