Bikes and Gear For Big Guys

Textile Suits

Aerostich Roadcrafter Aerostich Roadcrafter

Aerostich Roadcrafter — $967+

The most versatile riding suit out there is also available in custom sizes. Prices start at close to a thousand bucks, but budget half that again for all the custom work you’ll need. This is a do-it-all solution, working equally well on ADV rides as it will commuting to work in the rain. Tick the boxes for the chest protector, TF5 Hip Pads and Hip Pad sleeves for max safety.

Klim Badlands Pro Klim Badlands Pro

Klim Badlands Pro — $1,620

Klim stuff skews a little baggy for normal sized guys, meaning it could be just right for you husky dudes. You’ll benefit from state-of-the-art fabrics, armor and an overall versatility that justifies the price. The features list on these things is endless, but just imagine anything you could possibly want or need in a textile two-piece and it’s included.

Jackets and Pants

Icon Jacket and Pants Icon Jacket and Pants

Icon — Price Varies

Icon’s mission is to create gear for people who are left out in the cold by traditional players in the market. And, luckily for you big guys, that includes some products in generous cuts. Look for the products identified by the “straight cut” or similar fit nomenclature. Yeah, that language is a little disingenuous, but it’s designed specifically for you big guys with larger proportions. Icon’s quality and performance to price ratios are killer, too. We recommend starting with the Motorhead jacket and 1000 Roughshod pants, which are available in waist sizes up to 44 inches and feature a “relaxed” cut.


Vanson Leathers Vanson Leathers

Vanson — $1,175+

Call our friends at Vanson and tell them we sent you.  Whether you want a one or two-piece suit, they’ll make you one in unbelievable, lifetime quality in whatever size and proportions you need. It’s not cheap, but it is the absolute best.


Touratech Extreme Touratech Extreme

Touratech Extreme — $1,795+

Notice how we mostly recommended ADV bikes? That’s due to their spacious ergonomics, all-round performance and ability to cope with lots of weight. If you need to take that further — and at 300+ lbs you likely do — invest in a Touratech Extreme shock sprung specifically for you. These things are not only built to handle literally anything you can throw at them, but are rebuildable and serviceable too, meaning they’ll last as long as they fit a bike you ride.


Ohlins, Penske, RaceTech et al — Price Varies

Need more from your motorcycle’s suspension? Ask you dealer about fitting something made just for you. The effect will be trans-formative — we’ve seen 350 lbs dudes pass skinny kids on track — making your bike work right for your weight. You may even be surprised by how low the outlay may be, particularly when it comes to simply rebuilding your stock equipment.

Don’t think you can’t ride a bike just because you’re big. Yeah, you’re not going to have as many options as average-sized folk, but everything listed here works exceptionally well, regardless of weight and size. Heck, riding an R 1200 GS in a custom Vanson suit should be aspirational for everyone.

Are you a big guy? What bikes, riding gear and other products work best for you?

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