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Always wanted a Bimota DB7, but thought it was $4,800 too expensive, 8bhp shy of greatness, 8kg too light and you've just gotta have a passenger seat on your exotic Ducati-engined torture machine? Well step right up folks, we've got the perfect bike for you. Compared to the slightly more expensive DB7, the Bimota DB8 adopts the 168bhp Ducati 1198 engine, weighs in at 178kg, adds a pillion seat and reduces the cost to only $33,000 thanks to plastic (as opposed to carbon) bodywork and an aluminum instead of carbon sub frame. Oh, and the suspension loses its ability to adjust high and low speed compression and rebound. Not huge news, but the DB8 is a great way to get 1198 performance without the Ducati's generic me-too superbike styling.


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