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Dear Moto2,

We know we called you "The Honda Cup" and suggested you were a class for pigs after it was announced all your competitors would have to run CBR600RR engines. But when we said that we had no idea you were capable of inspiring motorcycles with as much pure sex appeal as the Bimota HB4. Now we hear that its steel trellis frame that's bonded to the cast aluminum swingarm pivots using aircraft technology could find its way to a road-going model if enough of us tune in to watch you and if Honda can be convinced to supply Bimota with engines. Considering that you could be single handedly responsible for the return of semi-affordable, Japanese-engined exotics, not to mention the return of one of motorcycling's most storied brands to racing, we're filled with an incredible sense of remorse. Could you ever find a way to forgive us? We assure you our apology is heartfelt and sincere.

Yours Truly,

Hell For Leather

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