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While we're very excited that Bimota is on track to race in the Moto2 series, we have to admit our first pixelated and vague impression of the bike borders on indifference. Caught testing on the Binetto race track in Italy well before the official release on January 21, the video shows a test rider making the rounds plus a couple of brief hazy static shots. Sure it's a leak, the trellised frame and origami sub-frame could be amazing, ditto for those scalloped lines on the front of the fairing, but it's impossible to tell thanks to the low quality of the video. We're betting that changes with decent shots on the 21st, but first impressions matter. If you're going to test your never-seen-before racer, maybe you shouldn't tell strangers it's okay to video while doing the test on open-track day. Video after the jump.


via TwoWheels

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