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As the name suggests, the BMW Concept 6 makes use of a six-cylinder engine based around BMW's K architecture. But where the futuristic cafe racer looks are merely tacked on to a BMW K1300R chassis, the engine is ready for production.

BMW's only hinting at details right now saying only that the new motor
develops 96lb/ft of torque at 2,000rpm (presumably it develops more
than the K1300R's 103lb/ft as revs rise towards the 9,000rpm redline)
and will be a full six-inches narrower than any previous inline-six
before moving on to less concrete statements like, "Six-cylinder power
units have always had particular appeal, offering not only supreme
smoothness and refinement, but also superior power and performance as
well as a truly emotional driving - or, in this case, riding -
experience. A further point is that the typical sound of a straight-six
almost like a turbine is absolutely incomparable, with straight-six
power units at BMW having stood for fascinating engine technology in
BMW cars for more than seven decades."

Despite the sport-focussed concept bike, we're going to see this engine
first in a big, luxurious tourer, most likely in the replacement for
the aging K1200LT. The newfound capacity and number of cylinders will
give that model greater showroom parity with the Honda Goldwing, but
expect a better handling, faster bike than the square-tired Honda.

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