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The BMW Lo Rider marks a paradigm shift for the company. No, it isn't going to quit the adventure tourers for flat track-inspired performance cruisers; what it wants to do is adapt Harley-style showroom customization to their own model range. For now, the Lo Rider is just a concept, but if it reaches production -- which should be in about 2 years -- it'll bring with it a range of bolt-on accessories that's broader than any the company has offered before.

Those accessories are totally design focused, no top boxes or tank bags
here. They include: high- or low-level exhaust; single, double or
aluminum perch seats; a headlamp that's either traditional and round,
or a Sachs Madass knock-off like the one seen here; custom painted fuel
tanks with aluminum trim; three paint colors for the engine casings;
black or chrome fenders.

If anything, we're somewhat dismayed by the lack of options and would
like to see BMW commit more fully to offering a modular bike, allowing
customers to build a truly personal machine that could range anywhere
from a full-on chopper to a fully-faired tourer to a tall adventure

In the spec seen here, the Lo Ride looks like the bastard flat track
love child of an R1200C, a Confederate Hellcat and a Sachs Madass,
which, surprisingly, is no bad thing. The range of finishes on the
bikes various surfaces are particularly successful, turning what could
be a confusing mixture of parts into a successful, but varied whole.

If you haven't already, hit the gallery for more images.


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