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Ok, this is a little confusing. Earlier this year, BMW replaced the popular, but slow F650GS with a new model of the same name that is actually a detuned, down-spec version of the 798cc, parallel-twin F800GS. Now, BMW is re-releasing the old 652cc single-cylinder F650GS, but calling it the G650GS. Still with us?

The apparent reason for this decision is high-demand from military and
police customers who preferred the old model's simple, workhorse nature
to the fanciness of the new model. Those organizations already use the
old F650GS widely, which means that they have many spares, service
items and add-on components on hand. The 2009 BMW G650GS will be
manufactured in China (presumably by Taiwanese Kymco which already
produces single-cylinder engines for BMW).

The G650GS will be identical in spec to the old F moniker bike. This
means 50bhp, 40lb/ft, a 19" front wheel, five-speed gearbox and one of
the most boring, but reliable riding experiences around. The price is
rumored to be about 15% less than the 2007 model and we should be
getting it in the good ol' USA. Utilitarian motorcycle users rejoice.

via MotoFlash and MC24

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