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BMW is taking a seriously long time to unveil the production S1000RR, the bike we'll be able to buy. The latest tease is this fashion shoot; coming straight outta Oberschleißheim it features the SBK race machine, a helicopter and a hot blonde model. While we're enormously excited about the prospect of an unconventionally conventional BMW superbike with a thoroughly unprecedented level of on-board technology, we're pretty disappointed by these photos.

Not only do they fail to show us one of the most anticipated
motorcycles of the year, the road-going BMW S1000RR, they just do
a plain old bad job of showing the carbon-clad race model.

The S1000RR is a technical wonder, representing the culmination of
everything BMW knows about building a fast motorcycle. In place of
whacky features like horizontally-opposed cylinders, Paralever front
ends and weird indicator switches, this BMW gets an aluminum beam
frame, an inline-four, traction control, telescopic forks and Double
VANOS continuously variable exhaust and inlet valve timing for serious
power and torque across the rev range. What does this mean? Low weight
-- thought to be as little as 190kg (wet) and high power -- expect not
just 190bhp, but a fat torque curve.

So what does this miracle of modern technology have to do with a crappy
commuter helicopter and a model that clearly can't ride? We don't know
and we don't think BMW does either.

Good fashion shoots -- ones that use photography, clothing and people to
reveal something new or unexpected about a product or lifestyle -- can
be really cool, helping people understand some hidden relevance that
can sometimes be lost in a list of tech specs or preconceptions.
Unfortunately this one isn't good and doesn't accomplish anything other
than some weird photos.

The soft focus that fails to show off the motorcycle, the bad styling
that fails to say anything about the motorcycle, the photographer's
clear inexperience at shooting motorcycles (all the shots are from the
same angle and the bike's on its side stand), the bad lighting that's
resulted in dark photos and both the inexplicable presence of the
helicopter and the failure to use it to accomplish anything; this is
just a bad use of BMW's admittedly huge budget. At least it avoids using scantily clad women, thus avoided misogynist motorcycle cliches. 

Our favorite photo is the last one. It uses technical apparel
from BMW's line to demonstrate to potential buyers how the S1000RR
could be accessorized.

We promise to do better when we get the chance to shoot an S1000RR
ourselves, but, at this rate, god knows when that'll be. Bring the bike
out already!

BMW via 2WheelTuesday

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