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For the latest element of its R 1200 GS and F 800 GS-promoting Unstoppable campaign BMW is asking riders to draw their own pictures using GPS systems and tracking software and submit them to the campaign’s site. Several maps have already been created by factory riders, our favorite of which is the boat, seen in the picture above and the video after the jump.

The Unstoppable films are nearly perfect in their execution, casting a
lone rider exploring exotic locations in order to portray the kind of
romantic adventure purchasing one of the GS models makes possible. It’s
a reasonably subtle, high budget, aesthetically appealing, clever campaign of
the type more often associated with the car world, not low budget,
behind-the-times, in your face bike advertising. Never mind that it
take an incredibly skillful rider to throw a big, heavy GS around in
the manner depicted in the videos or that most BMWs will never find
their way as far as New Mexico, much less Uruguay.

Of course, we say nearly perfect because the campaign is yet another
example of BMW needlessly attaching itself to Ewan McGregor’s coat
tails (he provides the voiceovers). When will the company learn that
its products and this campaign deserve to stand on their own merits,
rather than on those of a couple of rich idiots bumbling their way
through an all-expenses-paid holiday?

It remains to be seen how popular the interactive component of the
campaign will be (so far there’s only six user-generated drawings), but
based on the strength of its videos and images, we would declare
Unstoppable a success.

BMW GPS Drawing

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