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An all-new Moto2 entry from a tiny group of Spaniards, the Bott M210 is already looking extremely sexy and it doesn’t even have it’s bodywork yet. We showed you the frame with its stemless headstock back in June, now here it is with everything but the fiberglass.

Since all Moto2 bikes use the same CBR600RR engines, Bottpower figures the greatest and only performance gains are going to come by maximizing airflow into and out of the engine. Adapting an innovation from France’s Roadson Motorcycles (makers of the Aprilia-powered BT550 SuperLeggera), there’s no stem passing through the headstock, leaving room for the air inlet to pass straight through it. That direct path should maximize pressure in the airbox, yielding a slight power advantage. In spec racing, that could be everything.

During its first test session at Jerez (wearing borrowed bodywork), the team’s rider, Alex Martinez, was able to lap in 1:47.5, within three seconds of or Tony Elias’s fastest race lap of 1:44.7. Extremely impressive for the bike’s first ever test.

As you can see, the frame is a proprietary steel trellis design, the suspension is K-Tech, wheels are Oz and the swingarm and frame are custom made in aluminum by South Africa’s CRP.

Bottpower intends to enter an evolution of this bike, the M211 in Moto2 next year after racing the one you see here in the Spanish CEV championship later this year as a proving ground.


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