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Raced motocross? If you have, then you're aware of how cripplingly expensive maintaining ICE race bikes is. If you haven't, then you can't afford to. That's where this new BRD RedShift MX comes in, it'll likely cost twice as much as a 250cc MX bike, but makes up for that by being exponentially cheaper to run, only requiring a minor service once every 200 hours. ICE MX bikes? You're lucky if you're waiting to 20 hours before opening the engine. That 250 is a good point of comparison too, when we tested the BRD RedShift SM sister bike, it was faster than an equivalent 250cc KTM supermoto.

This new MX is essentially that SM, just with shorter gearing (a 52T rear sprocket as opposed to 44T), 21/19" wheels and less powerful front brakes. No price has yet been released for the MX, but the SM retails for $15,495, so expect that ballpark.

BRD is unveiling the MX at the Indy Dealer Expo, where it's so far receiving excellent response from the crowds. Slick styling combined with long service intervals will do that for bike dealers. Aside from consumables like tires and brake pads, the only time you'll have to work on the MX is every 200 hours or 10,000 miles and then, it only needs its gear oil changed. Compare that to ICE equivalents, which require engine rebuilds as often as every 40 hours at the cost of hundred of dollars and you can begin to understand the appeal.

The SM is scheduled for its first customer deliveries late in 2012. The MX will follow shortly after.


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