Bruce_RossMeyer.jpgAccording to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Bruce Rossmeyer wasn't wearing a helmet when he fatally collided with a pickup towing a trailer on July 30. Rossmeyer owned 15 motorcycle dealerships, including the famous Destination Daytona dealer near Daytona Beach, Florida. The 66-year old was riding from the Harley dealer meeting in Colorado to the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota with friends when the crash occured. The report follows.>

The roadway at the time of the crash was dry with clear weather
conditions. Both vehicles were eastbound on WYO 28. Rossmeyer was
traveling with a group of five other motorcycles. Rossmeyer was behind
the VanValkenburg vehicle which was pulling a 2 axle camper style
trailer. VanValkenburg braked and used his vehicles left turn signal to
indicate he was going to make a turn from WYO 28 onto a small dirt
road. VanValkenburg was in the process of making his left turn when
Rossmeyer attempted to pass the VanValkenburg combination on the left.
Rossmeyer collided into the drivers side door of the VanValkenburg
pickup. The collision occurred near the westbound shoulder. After
impact, Rossmeyer was ejected from the motorcycle and came to rest
partially under the trailer near the passenger side tires. Troopers
investigating this crash have determined that the turn signals and the
brake lights were in working condition on the VanValkenburg
combination. It is unknown why Rossmeyer did not see the turn signal/
brake lights.

Additionally, Lt. Shawn Dickerson of the Wyoming Highway Patrol told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that Rossmeyer was not wearing a helmet.


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