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Last weekend, Bubba Stewart achieved one of his highest jumps, but
plummeting straight off the 30-foot high runway at Red Bull Flugtag
Miami. As a sponsored Red Bull rider, Bubba is ineligible for judging in
the creativity and showmanship classes, so he was going for outright
distance with is modified YZ450F. He didn't get it. >

Like all other contraptions to enter the Flugtag, Bubba's Yamaha had to be stripped of its motor, all fluids and anything else that might pollute the water it'd inevitably end up in. He was launched by friends, one to push him off the runway and a couple others to hold the parachute open.

Upon launch, Bubba's YZ was designed to separate from his seat/wing unit, leaving him free of its weight and able to sail out to beat the 195-foot world Flugtag record. Things didn't quite go according to plan, it looks like separation worked as planned, but Bubba still fell straight down like a rock.

"Miami was a blast!" said Stewart. " It took me out of being so serious. I want to go for the record again!"

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