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For 2009, the Buell 1125R is now available in red, white and black. Other changes include targeted fuel injectors, repositioned o2 sensors (we’re as excited about this as you are), and updated fueling maps, all of which is shared with the Buell 1125CR. All this should add up to improved driveability below 6,000rpm, sharper throttle response, and what Buell is claiming is "significantly improved fuel economy," which now stands at 39mpg city, 53mpg highway. No official figures are available for the 2008 model.


All of this should add up to a faster, better motorcycle, but we're
most excited by the color white. Contrasted with a bright blue
windscreen, badges and wheels, it maintains Buell's trademark bright,
toy-like colors, but here actually manages to make the awkward 1125R
look positively handsome. What a difference a model year makes.


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