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So this is just a Harley XR1200, right? No. Where that bike weighs 260kg and makes 85bhp this Bott XR-1 will weigh just 170kg and make 100bhp. How’s it do that? Why Buell parts of course.

The XR-1 will take its wheels, suspension, brakes, engine and swingarm from a Buell XB12, housing them in a custom steel spine chassis. Looks, like the XR1200, are inspired by Harley XR 750 trackers of yore.

Bott, which also made that ridiculously sexy trellis-framed Moto2 racer, plans to produce the XR-1 as a one-off project or, if enough interest is garnered, as a kit enabling XB12 owners to tackle dirt ovals.


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