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Dry weight: 360lbs. Horsepower/torque: zero. Engine: smashed. Erik Buell has made a big show out of crushing a few Buell Blasts, but what does it all mean? Listening to Erik talk in this video, it sounds like the Blast has been discontinued, but the official Buell 2010 model year press release appears to indicate that the Blast is a continuing model, albeit lacking updates. Which is it? Either way, it's weird.

Update: the official word from Buell below.

As Erik states, the Blast is an anachronism with no evident link to the
rest of Buell's range. Having said that, being unique can be good, the
Blast is probably the best street-legal learner bike around and
provides a cheap entry into the Buell brand.

If it has been killed off, then the question is: Why didn't Buell
update it? It could have formed an easy basis for a seriously cool
entry-level cafe racer, finally giving new riders an appealing first

If it hasn't been killed, then why crush it? Surely Erik's outright
dismissal of it in this video will put off future buyers.

Or maybe they'll just keep it around for Rider's Edge. What does this mean for Mac Motorcycles? We're waiting to hear back from Buell.

The official word from Buell is: "The Blast will continue to be produced in MY2010 primarily for the purposes of supporting the Harley-Davidson Rider's Edge training program. These motorcycles will be branded Blast, with primary Buell badging removed."


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