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Equipped with working grappling hooks, turn signals inside machine gun flash suppressors, hidden instruments, an automatic transmission and, as the builders stress, no bondo, just metal, this must be the ultimate Bat Pod replica. It works too, achieving impressive angles of lean on the nearly square tires. The best part? It’s being auctioned later this year, so you could buy it and live out the ultimate "Dark Knight" fantasy.

Riding the Bat Pod, physics appear to be a problem.

Turn signal machine guns.

The grappling hooks.

The hidden instrument panel.

Initial shakedown.

In the shop.

Powering this contraption is the 76bhp, 54lb/ft liquid cooled v-twin from an Aprilia Mana 850. That engine is equipped with a whizz-bang ride-by-wire throttle and a switchable automatic transmission. Look closely and you can see they also carried over the Mana’s parking brake lever; don’t worry, your Bat Pod won’t roll away while you’re off fighting crime.

The PS-Pod, as their lawyers likely told them to call it, was built by Dave Welch and Florida’s Chopper City USA. They’ll be auctioning it for charity soon, check out their website for details:

Chopper City USA

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