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Cadillac plans to show an ethanol/electric hybrid motorcycle at the LA Auto Show in November. While the concept stands virtually no chance of production, it will be used to showcase a hypothetical future powertrain from GM. Expect wild styling and impractical engineering as GM tries to outdo archrival Chrysler's 2003 Dodge Tomahawk concept.

It's interesting to what degree public opinion, or at least the
perception of it amongst car company marketing departments, has shifted
in just five years. While both machines set out to show off exciting
new power plants, the Cadillac will be all about low emissions and high
fuel economy (even if ethanol is a non-sustainable fuel source),
whereas the 500bhp, 8.5-liter Tomahawk was created only to evoke pure

Details of the Cadillac motorcycle concept were revealed by Cadillac
boss Jim Taylor in an interview with D Business magazine. We aren’t
holding much hope for the machine's styling; Taylor is a
chopper-enthusiast who just bought a Cadillac-branded cookie cutter

via Motor Authority

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