Easy Rider

is a cornerstone of American biker lore, we never really cared much for the Captain America chopper. More than anything it was Wyatt's quiet demeanor and sense of style that made such a lasting impression. Similar to McQueen's Tag Heuer Monaco in

Le Mans

, one of the things Fonda made so iconic in

Easy Rider

were Wyatt's sunglasses. Available some time in late December, the extremely limited production Toys McCoy version uses modulating CR plastic lenses that are 100% UV resistant, housed in a Nickel Copper alloy frame, built perfectly to spec. Unlike that

other sequel

, these shades are actually better than the original. From our limited babelfish skills, Toys McCoy's online store has already sold out, but


is still taking reservations for $220 sans shipping.

Toys McCoy

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