10 Driver Fails To Watch Out For On Road Trips - Plus, How To Avoid Them


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Six: Cutting Across Traffic To Make Off-Ramps
This one’s scary. In heavy traffic, a car will veer across one or more lanes at the last second, barely looking, to make a nearly-missed off-ramp.

What You Can Do About It: Stay alert, especially around off-ramps for major routes or remote service areas, where last minute veers are more likely. Remember, drivers that are not looking for you can’t see you.

Seven: Weaving Through Traffic Like A Bike
We’re small and agile, cars are huge and unwieldy, but they still think they can make it through traffic, often at high speed.

What You Can Do About It: Monitor traffic behind you frequently, looking out for weaving headlights or shapes, then move towards either shoulder to give the dangerous drivers plenty of space.

Eight: Washing Their Windshield In Front Of You
Know what you don’t need during a road trip? To get sprayed with heavy-duty solvents by the car in front of you.

What You Can Do About It: I like to try and inform all my car-driving friends that they can easily adjust the aim of their spray nozzles using a safety pin or needle, but a one-man awareness campaign is hardly an effective tool. Many gloves come equipped with rubber squeegees on the index finger, or you can add your own in the form of a V-Wipe.

Nine: Panic Breaking Every Time There’s A Cop
Oh no, a speed trap! Even though the cop put his radar on them seconds prior, most drivers subconsciously feel the need to slam on the brakes.

What You Can Do About It: Use your superior, uninterrupted vision and greater attention to spot speed traps way ahead of time (or at least their common locations behind overpasses) and give cars a little extra space. Bonus: no speeding tickets for you, the attentive motorcyclist.

Ten: Blocking On-Ramps
As you accelerate down the on-ramp, getting ready to merge into traffic, you find a car or cars directly in your path, blocking the traffic lane.

What You Can Do About It: Try and identify traffic behind you as soon as you’re at a place on the ramp where you can see, it, then plan your acceleration and merging accordingly. Planning, not reacting is the key to safe, easy highway riding.

What about you? What car driver fails annoy you the most on long road trips? And, more importantly, what do you do about them?

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