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Aah, holidays are here again! Time to get your hypersports ready and packed, while you're dreaming weeks in advance of horizons to explore. Still, during your count-down to the holidays, you're haunted by the annual nightmares and sleepless nights. Because where on earth do you leave your waterproofs and U lock?! How do you bring a tuxedo for that gala in Saint-Tropez? How do you create your own Hospitality Unit at the Laguna Seca GP to welcome Brad Pitt, Jenna Jameson Co.? How to bring home some nice souvenirs, like that ebony, hand carved giraffe? Or how to impress your future ex-mother-in-law by serving her a cup of home made fresh coffee on her camping site?

Photos: Henry B. Stern

The solution to all your luggage, mental and physical frustrations is here: the Campmaster, created by the company Schuring in Assen, the Netherlands, on the author’s kind request, specially for this occasion. Designed, welded, built, painted, finished and connected by two eyes, one brain, two hands and some tools in just one day and a half. Camp to live, live to camp!


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