Why Carl Fogarty is still a cock


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Earlier today, Carl Fogarty decided to apologize to some of the racers he insulted during his contentious superbike racing career. Foggy has said many things about many people. Most notable, at least to our minds, is his assertion in February, 2002, “I don't know if Edwards can (win) anymore, he didn't seem hungry enough or brave enough.” Colin would go on to win his second World Superbike Championship that season and transfer to MotoGP the next year, where he’ll continue to be competitive in 2011. Of course, he also said a thing or two about John Kocinski.

It's a little difficult to understand Carl's patter in this video, but yes, he is calling Kocinski "a little cock from Arkansas."

As Mark Gardiner pointed out to us earlier today, "Note that by putting an extra 'k' in Kocinski, he effectively made Little John's surname begin with the word 'cock.' I bet that drives Kocinski crazy. Or more accurately, crazier." That's right, Carl's still at the same insult in 2011.

It's really Carl's on track antics that these racers want him to apologize for though. Check out this attempted "pass" at the A1 Ring back in 1997.

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