Catalina Grand Prix will return in 2012


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Following an enquiry from one of our readers, a member of the Avalon City Council has confirmed to us that, while it’s cancelled in 2011, the Catalina Grand Prix will return in 2012. Last December, the Grand Prix returned motorcycle racing to Santa Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles, for the first time in 52 years.

Photo: Sean Smith

The email to a reader reads:

Dear Tamas, Thanks for your letter. Those of us on the City Council lobbied to have the race held again this year, but unfortunately it is on private property and the landlord has decided to wait until 2012 to allow the race again. We have to respect the decision, and are glad that at least it will not just be a one time event, which had been a possibility.  I am not privy to the reasoning, but I did forward your comments on to the landlord.  Your suggestion of electric bike racing is an excellent one. Hopefully we will see you in 2012.  This is a wonderful island. Sincerely, Sue Rikalo Avalon City Council

And Sue has confirmed to us that this is factual, saying, “It has been announced publicly on the island, and the head of the board of Directors of the Island Company confirmed it with me.”

The 2011 event was apparently canceled by the landlord of the property where the race was held, not by any governing body on the island. The reasoning that led to the decision is unclear.

Sue concluded, “Those of us on the island were blown away by the consideration shown to the residents and the environment by the attendees of the race.  We are looking forward to hosting this event again.”

The organizers of the race could not be reached for comment.

Thanks, Tamas.

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